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Lorena pays a quick visit

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Lorena pays a quick visitI had not seen my old girlfriend Lorena in many years, until she called me to say that she would fly from Buenos Aires to Chicago, via New York. Her intention was to spend at least one night with us, to meet each other and update our parallel stories. Lorena was a hot bisexual slut and we had been lovers since we were at college. Worse of all, she had been always horny about my husband; since Victor was my boyfriend.Finally the day arrived and my sweet husband came with me to the airport, where we met my lovely Lorena. She was happy to see us after so many years. Victor drove us back home.Even though it was late, we decided to share some drinks during our chatting. Instead of red wine, that night we had margaritas?As we talked, I could sense a mild tension in the air. After all we had not seen each other in so much time. Before long the conversation turned into sex. Lorena asked a lot of questions about my sex life with Victor. My hubby seemed to be amused as he answered her naughty inquire?As I looked at Lorena, I started to get wet?Finally I got up and took her drink. Then my girlfriend crawled onto the couch towards my loving husband. I knelt close to Lorena and grabbed her face with my hands, to kiss her plump red lips.The bitch looked excited. I felt his hand between my bare thighs under my dress, as I caressed her neck with my fingers. Soon Lorena?s fingers were rubbing my wet slit through my thong.As we kissed each other passionately, Victor unzipped my girlfriend?s jeans. He whistled when he found a very tiny black silk thong covering Lorena?s shaven mound. He slid that piece of cloth down to her ankles, leaving the bitch naked from her waist to her sexy high heels.Our kissing gets harder as Victor spread Lorena?s legs and sank his face deep into her pussy lips. I felt her moaning in my mouth as my horny husband licked and sucked her soft clitoris?Soon she broke our kiss and moaned looking at me in the eyes, as she felt my hubby?s tongue buried deep inside of her hot cunt.Lorena pushed me onto my back on the couch and she started licking my pussy lips, as Victor kept sucking hers?The bitch made me cum in her lips, as always she had done?I screamed my climax out loud and seconds later Lorena also had an intense orgasm feeling Victor?s tongue frantic licking?As her orgasm subsided, my husband grabbed Lorena by the hips and made her turn in all fours. Before the bitch could protest, my hubby looked at me asking for permission and I nodded my head.Then Victor rammed his hard cock brutally in Lorena?s wet cunt.She screamed in pain and tried to escape from that penetration; but he held her still and then Lorena just quit. She abandoned herself to the pleasure of having her nice cunt fucked by Victor?s dick?My well endowed husband started to pump her cunt in a furious way, without hearing Lorena?s pleas for mercy. He just fucked her viciously, as he would hate her? I enjoyed watching my old girlfriend used and abused by my lover.Suddenly Lorena opened her sweet eyes and looked at me. She smiled; the bitch smiled at me, as my husband ravaged her cunt?Victor had a crazy look in his eyes as he pumped my friend?s cunt so wildly. All of a sudden he pulled out and aimed that thick cockhead straight onto Lorena?s tight rosebud. She knew my husband?s dock would really hurt her and then started desperately to beg him not to fuck her nice bump.Victor smiled and he looked at me; but this time I begged him to leave my sweet girlfriend and come in her sweet wet mouth.My hubby then grabbed Lorena?s hair and made her open those sweet red lips I used to kiss so deeply. My babe just accepted that huge cock inside of her wet mouth and Victor finally came in her throat.Lorena swallowed that warm load until the last drop and then she slid to the carpet; with her nice body trembling without control?Victor stood up and went to the bathroom. I moved closer to Lorena and she kissed me, letting me taste the salty semen in her tongue.When we broke the kiss Lorena smiled at me.She said her stay at Chicago would last about six months.Then she would visit us again, before flying back home?
04-06-2021, at 10:34 PM

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