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Catching my wife, Part 21

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Catching my wife, Part 21As my daughter calmed, from her intense orgasm, Connie raised up and walked across the room, returning with a strap-on harness. "Are you a virgin?" asked Connie of my daughter.My daughter?s eyes open wide as she saw this thick, vein-covered life-like dido extending out from the leather harness.?Um?? My daughter, as a loss to share intimate details in front of her step-mother? even if both were naked, ?well, I?ve put one in my mouth before? she added, blushing, ?but never had one down there.? She continued as she pointed to her mid-section.?I see? laughed Connie, ?Well, your Mommy certainly had quite a few? Connie paused, and then added ?and this one is NOT for you, but for her. But I want you to watch so you know what it?s like.? Connie added, while affixing the harness around her middle, the fake penis now jutting awkwardly from her crotch.?Normally I would lube it up? Connie said smiling, ?Yet My slut is quite aroused, I assure you. Aren?t you, slut?? Connie asked of my wife.?Yes Mistress? relied my obedient wife.?But since you claim to have had one in your mouth before? added Connie, ?Why don?t you get this one a little wet for me.??Um?? stammered my daughter, ?uh? ??On your knees, NOW? barked Connie. ?Get beside Mommy? she?ll help you get started.??Yes Aunt Connie? my daughter replied as she hurriedly moved to the floor beside my wife.And that?s where the video began? the one that Connie couldn?t wait to show me. My wife and my daughter, both naked and kneeling side-by-side, taking turns sucking on the strap-on that was jutting out of Connie?s center. I wanted to look away, yet I found that I couldn?t. Each time that I watched it, and there were several, I noticed different little subtleties: The way that my wife tenderly guided my daughter?s head onto the phallic device, the way that my daughter, watched and learned the art of cock-sucking from my wife, the way that my wife, once my daughter was really sucking the dildo, moved her hand from my daughter?s lower back and sexily caressed my daughter?s butt cheeks. Finally, the way that my daughter and my wife exchanged a passionate kiss at the end of the lesson. My daughter no longer viewed my wife, her step-mother as her step-mother. My daughter viewed this woman, who was only 10 years older than her, as the sexy woman that she was. As the video showed them both embraced and kissing, I later noticed Connie looking right up at the hidden camera and winking her pleasure. Connie could then be herd, as she walked off-camera:?I?m granting you both 30 minutes alone? Connie said, ?It seems that you could use the privacy.?The video continued as the two of them, my wife and my daughter, kissed, fondled and explored each other?s bodies. Toward the end of the 30 minutes of alone-time, my wife and my daughter ended up in a scissoring position as they ground-out orgasm after orgasm, their wet pussy mashed tighter. Connie then reappeared, the strap-on still around her waist and a very shinny anal hook in her hand. My daughter looked embarrassed to be caught rubbing pussies with her step-mom, but Connie only smiled. My daughter then noticed the anal hook in Connie?s hands and asked about it?s purpose.?What is that thing?? As my daughter asked, as she seemed to scooch and put a few inches between the two girls? vulvas. ?Here? Connie said, offering the device to my daughter. He examined the ring on the shaft-end, the steel shaft itself and finally, the round ball-end. She also noticed how cold the steel was.?Why is it so cold, Aunt Connie? asked my daughter. Do you store it in the freezer or something???Exactly, my dear? replied Connie. ?It?s called an anal hook and completely immobilizes it?s wearer.??Please Connie? pleaded my wife, ?not yet, please.??What.. why?? questioned my daughter, ?an anal hook?? my daughter asked.?Are you offering in her pace?? questioned Connie to my wife.?Yes Mistress? my wife said as she nodded and looked down.?How generous of you? replied Connie.?Wait.. what?s going one?? questioned my daughter.?Oh? replied Connie as she grabbed my wife by her hair. ?Your very loving and generous Mommy has just volunteered to take this anal hook in your place.? Connie paused and then added, as she pulled my wife, by her hair, onto the floor and over to a chair, ?yet she didn?t realize that it was ALWAYS meant for her.??I don?t understand? pleaded my daughter. ?Did we do something wrong? Did I do something wrong???Not at all, My pet? replied Connie. ?This is designed to address all of your concerns, not confuse you. Just be still and I?ll answer all of your questions.? As Connie took the anal hook from my daughter and walked back to my wife, who was slumped over the back of the chair. Connie opened my wife?s ass-cheeks and leaned down, spitting on my wife?s little asshole. Connie then slowly inserted the shiny chrome ball until it disappeared, and my wife?s anal ring closed behind it? all as my Daughter watch wide-eyed.Connie then affixed some rope through the ring, at the end of the anal-hooks shaft and placed it around my wife?s throat. Pulling snugly and passing the rope through the ring again and quickly securing the line. This arched my wife?s head back, her ass out and forced her to jut her breasts out. She was rendered immobile as the anal hook deep in her ass help her quiet.?What do you have to say now?? Questioned Connie, as she took my wife?s chin into her hand.?Thank you, Mistress,? my wife replied.?What the fuck are you thanking Me for?? probed Connie.?For sparing my daughter? replied my wife.?Oh, you poor, misinformed slut? laughed Connie. ?I did this to you to demonstrate what could be, for my new niece.?Connie then turned and walked to the bed where my daughter say shocked by the recent events.?Yet it doesn?t need to be that way, My pet? Connie explained softly. ?you could simply agree to be My pet, do as I say and we will have so much fun together.?Connie was now softly toying with my daughter?s shoulder-length blonde hair.?Of course, the choice is yours? explained Connie. ?I could always treat you like the slut that your Mommy is? But that will be both painful and humiliating, as you can see? gesturing toward my wife, the anal hook holding her open and still.?All that you need to do, to provide Me with your choice? explained Connie, ?is to simply call Me ?Aunt Connie? and then lean down and suckle your Aunt Connie?s nipples. Naturally, your Mommy over there? gesturing again toward my wife, ?will be YOUR slut as well.??What do you mean? questioned my daughter, ?that she?ll be my slut too???Oh? smiled Connie? ?That you can do anything or have her do anything that you like.?My daughter head glance back and forth between Connie and my wife. My daughter then got off of the bed and walked over to my wife, gently caressing her bottom and then her face.?Thank you for offering to take this contraption for me? thanked my daughter? ?but I really want to see where this goes, Mommy.?Connie then returned to Connie?s side, leaned down, smiled and just before she took Connie?s right nipple into her mouth? she added:?Make me your pet, Aunt Connie.?To be Continued?.
04-15-2021, at 10:07 AM

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