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The neighbor Part 2

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The neighbor Part 2Our neighbor Ken (we found out) was apart from his voyeur tendencies was a really nice guy, married and divorced at a young age but, in his own words open to anything. This came after we decided we should be neighborly and invited him round for drinks and a barbecue, though to be truthful Anne wanted to see his cock up close without branches and grass in the way.Our first meet was auspicious he arrived with flowers and wine and looked very presentable, he proved to have one of those personalities that after a short period of time you felt you had known him for years. The afternoon went well with Ken being attentive to Anne without making it too obvious he was looking at her cleavage, she had on a very low cut dress, and was very friendly to me without going over the top. As evening approached I suggested a swim pointing out that we seldom wore bathers, as he had seen from the bushes, but if he wanted he could nip back home to pick his up. Ken of course was happy to skinny dip and beat me removing his clothes, Anne was quicker than both of us her dress a puddle round her ankles as she stepped away from them and jumped into the pool.We played around in the pool for about twenty minutes, Ken frolicking like a teenager round Anne his cock thickening at occasional 'Accidental' touches, of course this was all planned by Anne. For my part I was quite happy for this to go on, with luck in the not too distant future I would get to see that cock stretching Anne's cunt and filling her with his cum, prior to my sloppy seconds. When we got out of the pool as it was still warm clothes stayed off Anne was sitting close to Ken and her hand was on his thigh slowly stroking him as we talked as dusk fell her hand moved higher and his cock grew thicker and harder. Ken to start with was keeping a straight face, I suppose he thought from where I was sitting I had no idea what was happening under the table, or perhaps he did and was trying to find out how far it would go. Of course once Anne had his fingers wrapped around his shaft and really started working on it he gave up any semblance of control, especially when asked did he enjoy watching her from the bushes when she sucked her friends cock. I laughed like hell when he found out he had been caught out, but he seemed to put that behind him as his cock continued to be worked on, he put it even further behind him as Anne holding his cock made him get up and led him to our guest room. Once there Anne took control pushing him down on the bed and with out any hesitation straddled him and quickly guided his now rock hard cock towards the mouth of her cunt, making sure she had him centrally she quickly lowered herself, from where I was standing watching i heard her gasp as he quickly filled her, I knew from previous time she was orgasming as she lowered herself. Ken wasn't put out in any way he gave as good as he got the mattress took a battering as they seemed to almost be fighting each other to see who could give most pleasure. Twenty minutes later they finally collapsed exhausted cum oozing from Anne's used and abused cunt onto the sheet beneath, from the look on her face she was very satisfied with our new neighbor for my part I would have to wait a while longer.
04-15-2021, at 10:07 AM

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