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Dreadlock Holiday - A Wife's Revenge - Day 6

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Dreadlock Holiday - A Wife's Revenge - Day 6Day 6The day of our Wedding Anniversary and Sally woke up early and without any consideration poked me in my back and said, ?Mark, wake up we have a trip booked for today. We need to get away from here, even for a short time.?This was the first I knew of it; Sally had ordered and arranged all this without having had any discussion with me. I knew better than to make any protest so we sorted ourselves out and got our things together before heading off for a quick bite of breakfast. I prodded and poked my way through a bowl of cereal feeling very despondent about the way she was treating me but she was oblivious to my demeanour and once she had finished eating she stood up. ?Come on, we?ll be late,? she said and without waiting for me to respond she set off towards reception. I dutifully followed and as we sat there I asked, ?Where are we going??Sally looked at me, ?I?ve heard about this other beach. If we fancy it we can go naked.??What! You must be joking.??No, it?s not a joke and anyway I said, only if we wish too,? came her reply.A taxi arrived outside and the driver called out our names; not surprisingly he was a well-built black man and I didn?t miss the soft purr Sally made as she we stood up and followed him towards the taxi where he held open her door. Sally?s wrap ?conveniently? got snagged as she slid into the back seat and she gave him a blatant displayed of her bikini covered crutch. I saw them exchange smiles as I made my way to the other side of the car and got in.The journey wasn?t very long and the whole time the driver was giving little attention to the road ahead but seemed to be constantly looking in his rear-view mirror which he had repositioned to focus on her pussy. Sally was looking out of the window but was well aware of his interest and she accommodated him by spreading her legs and making a play of smoothing the folds of her bikini bottoms with her hand. Thankfully there was little traffic on our route but even so there was a couple of occasions when the car lurched suddenly as our fixated driver realised we were about to have an accident.We were soon on the Northern shore of the island which had the reputation of secluded beaches. The driver held open the door as she got out and they exchanged winks. I was both disgusted and dismayed at her behaviour but hopefully hid my emotions from them as we listened to his directions to find the path leading toward the sea. He wished us to have a nice day and told us he would be back to collect us later that afternoon, around 4.30pm.I picked up our beach bag from and followed Sally as she set off down the path; the sand was so soft, it felt like cotton wool under foot.We soon reached the beach and as we walked along the water?s edge we delighted in the warm sea lapping up round our feet. Sally reached out and took my hand. I was a little taken aback at this sign of intimacy and felt maybe that, after all, we might actually be a normal couple.We walked further down the beach and until we found ourselves on a very secluded stretch albeit just off the beach nestled between dunes was a small bar. She smiled at my suggestion that we had found the perfect spot. I laid out our towels and she removed the thin white wrap that was covering her. She sat on her towel and spent a few minutes looking round to take in the beautiful scenery, the white sand, the blue sea and an almost cloudless blue sky above. She gave a sigh of satisfaction and eased herself down to lie on her back. I delighted in the sight of her as I lay down beside her looking at her in a small pink bikini, the top barely covering her firm breasts, the bottom only just covering her pussy and firm sexy ass.Sally turned her head and looked at me with those beautiful eyes and asked, ?Do you mind if I went topless??Given her conduct over the past few days I wasn?t sure why she was bothering to ask for my permission but answered, ?No, why should I mind??She sat up and asked me to unclip her top. Wow, this was a first; I couldn?t remember the last time she asked me to do that.I unclipped the clasp and the top slid off her. She tucked it into the beach bag and then lay back down to give me a delightful show of her full, firm tits; her nipples so pink and slightly hard, I just wanted to lean over and suck them but decided best not to, just looking at her bare breasts was so lovely.Sally eyes were lightly closed has she parted her legs a little making her bikini bottoms stretch against her pussy, I could see the outline of her sweet lips pressing hard against them.The beach wasn?t totally deserted and every now and again someone would walk passed us. Sally didn?t seem to mind at all that she was on show, in fact, I think she was enjoying being looked at as she lay topless with her legs slightly parted. Then again, given that so far on this holiday quite a few guys had got to see her naked, touch her and fuck her why should she mind?I got up asking, ?Fancy a drink??Sally covered her eyes from the bright sunlight and nodded, ?Yes please.?I headed off towards the small beach bar and looking round realised we were not quite as isolated as I had first thought. There seemed to be so many couples lying about in the dunes completely nude not caring about anyone walking passed looking at their naked bodies. They were all shapes and sizes, some were very pretty some were ugly but they were happy in themselves and that is what mattered to them.I got two beers and started heading back. Close by was a lovely lady whom I guessed from the wedding band on her finger was married. Her tits were larger than Sally?s but, like Sally, she had a smooth shaven pussy with lovely full pink lips that looked so lickable and very fuckable. Laying alongside her was her partner and she had her hand resting against a very obvious erection. I looked further around and it seemed that in every depression in the dunes were other couples being equally blatant as they lay stretched out in the sunshine and not giving a damn who might be observing their nakedness. ?My God, what a place we?ve come to,? I thought as I felt my cock swelling.As I got closer to Sally I noticed an old guy standing by the rocks stroking his cock looking at Sally as she laid there. There were a couple of others who had also stopped by but I couldn?t see if they were giving themselves the same attention. I passed her drink to her telling her, ?You?re being watched by some old bloke.??I know I saw him about 5 minutes ago,? she laughed as she sipped her drink.I glanced over and obviously my return made no difference for he was still looking at her and stroking his erection. He must have been in his sixties at least, balding head, grey hair covering his chest. Sally didn?t seem to mind at all having him looking at her.She eased round a little more to face him, laying back her legs parted even wider; the old guy couldn?t take his eyes off her. Sally tipped her head sideways and whispered, ?I?m going to really tease him,? She stood up and making out she couldn?t see him eased her bikini bottoms down so slowly wiggling her firm ass free before stepping out of them. She bent over placing them into the beach bag letting him see her ass asking, ?Is he still watching???He sure is,? I told her. She eased back down onto her towel turning a little more toward him so her smooth shaven pussy was on full view to him.Sally run her hand down over her tummy, I flicked my eyes over towards him watching him as she run her finger between the lips of her smooth pussy, the old guy was now stroking his cock, pulling the foreskin right back.He slowly moved a little closer for a better view, I told Sally this as she slipped a finger inside her pussy easing it slowly back and forth. ?Ahhhh, I?m enjoying this Mark.?I replied, ?So is he.?He edged even closer with his cock fully erect; a cock of a size a 20 year old would have been proud to have, I thought to myself. Sally arched her back her finger moving a little faster inside herself, she was now really turning herself on as much as she was turning him on.The old guy dropped to his knees, watching her as he edged even closer. I whispered, ?He?s really close now.?She eased her finger from her pussy and with her legs stretched wide apart let him have a really good view of her pussy and breasts.He was now only a few feet for us, still stroking his cock but very slowly, Sally lay back tipping her head sideways, she looked at him and raised a finger calling him over. He moved closer now to stand over her. She looked up at him, ?Like what you see do you??He made a sound that was somewhere between a grunt and a moan, ?Uh huh, Mmmm,? as he continued to stroke his impressive looking penis.She smiled and said, ?I?ll take that as a ?Yes? .... so why are you looking so sad??He told her his wife died 2 years ago and that hers was the first female nude body he had seen since before then.Sally gave a sympathetic frown and then smiled and held out her hand pulling him down onto the space on her towel, ?Oh sweetie, kneel down. Would you like to touch me??He sank to his knees and nodded and moved his hand onto her breast lightly squeezing her.She placed her hand over his and slowly eased it down over her tummy until his hand touched her smooth pussy. ?Does that feel nice?? she asked; again he nodded.He moved to kneel between her legs and his hands were soon running up her thighs. Sally looked into his eyes, ?It?s OK, you can touch me if you want.?His finger moved along the lips of her pussy and sensing no resistance from her he slipped it gently into her. He eased his finger back and forth slowly and leant down and began to kiss her inner thigh.Sally looked at me, ?Oh Mark, he feels so good,? as the old guy parted the lips of her pussy running his tongue along them to find her clitoris; he flicked his tongue over it, hard.Sally pushed her hips upwards as his tongue darted to and fro, she murmured, ?Mmmm, feels so good, don?t stop, my pussy is tingling, I love it.? He pushed his tongue even deeper into her licking the juices running freely from her.Her legs started shaking as she arched her back her breast being pushed upwards her pink nipples so hard sticking up like little bullets. He moved up kissing her tummy, his hands reached up his fingers pinching her nipples pulling them gently as he moved up a little more; he leant down and licked a nipple as his finger eased back and forth into her pussy once more.Sally looked at him as she eased her hips upwards letting him push his finger deeper into her. She held his head and smoothed his grey hair and whispered, ?Oh fuck, yes, Daddy. Oh fuck ...?? as she reached down taking his cock into her hand. She stroked it gently, ?Oh my, Daddy, you are so hard. Fancy pushing this hard cock into me?? she went on.He moved fully over her and with the tip of his cock finding the entrance to her pussy, he eased forward. Sally lifted herself a little as his cock slipped into her, ?God you are so hard, fuck me Daddy.? ?Daddy? pushed deeper into her and started fucking her. Sally wrapped her arms round his neck and pulled him down to kiss him. With their mouths latched together his cock started thrusting back and forth. She rocked her hips and he reached down and holding her ass squeezed the cheeks as his cock started pounding into her.?Oh god Mark, for an old guy he sure knows how to fuck and please a woman,? she gasped. I was transfixed at the sight of my wife now being fucked by a guy old enough to be her dad and she was enjoying it. Not only enjoying it but playing out a fantasy of being fucked by her Father. What else was there for me to discover about my wife??Oh fuck, don?t stop Daddy, I?m cumming ... fuck me Daddy ... fuck me Daddy...? she cried out as, the old guy was hitting home deep into her. I could hear her juices squishing as his cock went into her; I could hear their hips slapping together as they now rhythmically fucked each other.He slowed down his thrusting into her and she pushed her fingers down into the sand. He groaned, ?I?m going to cum.?She rocked her hips faster and encouraged him, ?Fuck me .... cum in me Daddy, fill my pussy Daddy ....?, she went on.He gave one last really hard thrust into her, ?Yesssss, I?m cumming ....?? he whispered and I watched his buttocks clench as he was obviously shooting his load into her welcoming cunt.Sally squealed as she felt him spurt into her. She held him for a moment and then opening her eyes tipped her head sideways and looking at me said, ?Happy anniversary Mark, hope you liked your present.?Bitch!The old guy moved off her and collapsed on to the towel. They both turned to face each other and Sally eased a leg over his waist as he moved his hand down lightly caressing her firm ass.They looked deeply into each other?s eyes, their lips coming closer together and they kissed so tenderly. They unlocked their lips, the old guy told her, ?Calling me Daddy really turned me on.?Sally replied, ?Me too.?They both sat up, I could see little dribbles of cum leaking from the tip of his now limp cock, I looked at Sally, the old guy?s cum slowly leaking from her pussy running down between the crease of her ass cheeks. So could the other spectators who were standing up by the rocks.Sally laid back not showing any sign of embarrassment at being naked with this old stranger sitting next to her (or that she had had an audience for her performance!). They talked seemingly not even noticing I was sitting there with my erect cock straining inside my swimming costume. Sally moved closer to him and he lifted up to lean back on his elbows. She placed her head on his lap and made herself comfortable so she could look up at him as they talked. ?I?m Sally,?? she told him with mock formality.?I?m Harry,? he replied.Sally looked in my direction, ?That?s Mark, my husband.?Harry asked, ?Did you mind what me and your wife just did??I shook my head, and whispered without conviction, ?No.?He turned to Sally looking quizzical. She smiled up at him and said, ?Mark?s been a bad boy and he knows that if I am ever to forgive him that he has to let me do what I want to do. Anyway, he likes to watch me enjoy myself.?All that was news to me but I didn?t like to contradict what she had said for in my head I knew she had basically articulated the reality of our situation. Anyway, the cum stain spreading across my costume would have given a lie to any protest I made.Harry sensing that she was very open-minded asked, ?Have you tried any black cock since you have been here??Sally looked up at him, ?Oh yes.?Harry smiled as she recounted some of her encounters. I sat there seething.We laid there soaking up the sun for over an hour since they had sex here on the beach. Sue said that we needed another drink which I took to be an order rather than a request so I got to my feet and went back up to the bar. I really didn?t mind for it gave me an opportunity to take in the ?scenery?.I returned with our drinks and was not surprised to find Harry running his fingertips down over Sally?s tummy. She lay back parting her legs and he moved his finger slowly up and down between the lips of her pussy. Once again she was oblivious to my presence which was no surprise given her eyes were shut as she murmured, ?Oh Daddy yes.?He moved his hand to finger her once more, teasing her clitoris, rolling it round then up and down. She responded by humping her hips and as he leant down kissing her, his finger slipped back and forth into her cum filled pussy.?Oh yes Daddy, you?re making me cum .... I?m cumming.?He smiled, ?Good; be a good girl for Daddy.?She began shaking and breathing heavily as her orgasm overcame her. He wriggled his finger inside her before taking it out and putting it to his lips, licked it clean.He stood up and Sally came out of her post-orgasmic trance and with a start looked at her watch. ?Oh my, look at the time. We need to get a move on.? Time had indeed passed by quickly and we had to get ready to meet our taxi. Sally jumped up and kissed Harry saying, ?Thank you so much Daddy, I have loved the afternoon here with you.??Me too,? he replied with his semi-hard cock dripping pre-cum from the shiny head. She smiled as she caught sight of him and gave his cock a little pat. ?We must do this again sometime,? she said over her shoulder as we headed up towards the top of the beach where our taxi driver was waiting for us. She looked at me, ?We must come back here again before we go home.?All the way back to our resort and once again the taxi driver couldn?t take his eyes of Sally as he looked in his rear view mirror. Sally noticed and teased him parting her legs a little so he could see the small thin bikini bottoms pressing against her pussy.She ran her hand down between her legs stroking herself against them. It wasn?t long before a big damp patch appeared as she started to softly moan. It didn?t miss the driver?s attention, ?That?s one hot lady you have there.?I smiled replying, ?You bet.? As he drove away I had a feeling that it wasn?t going to be the last I would see of him. We got into our cabana and Sally removed her bikini looking into the bottoms, ?Blimey Mark, that old guy shot so much cum into me, look.? She held up the bottoms for me to see the gusset covered with his white sticky cum.We got ready for a night out to celebrate our wedding anniversary knowing that she would be celebrating in her own fashion and that this would be another night I wouldn?t be inside her either.******
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