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The Niece

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The NiecePeter Griffin walked into his kitchenand grabbed himself an ice cold beer from the fridge after his long hard dayof doing nothing, but sit on his couch and watch the marathon of DuckDynasty. He tooka sip of his beer when the phone began toring. Peter lookedat the phone as it rang; blaring through the Griffin household, then took another sip of his beer, ignoring the phone."Peter," His wife Lois calledfrom their bedroom. "Can you get that? I know you're in the kitchen."Peter sighed, "Damn it." I hate answering the phone." He said tohimself. He walked up to the phone and answered. "Whois this and what the hell do you want?" Peter's face changed when he recognized the person on the other end. "Oh hey Brianna?""Peter who is it?" Lois asked as she walked into the kitchen.Peter covered the phone with his hand, "It's our niece."Lois smiledhappily, "Bri? Oh I haven't seenher since-""Lois please, I'm onthe phone." Peter said interrupting his wife. He thenwent back to his phone call, "Sowhat's upgirlie? How's it-"Peter stayed quiet while his niece cut him off. His smile turned into a horrified face. Lois, obviously seeing her husband's face change all of a sudden, walked up to him."What is it Peter?" Lois asked. "Is Brianna alright?"Peter looked at Lois andonce again covered the phone, "Mybrother and sister-in-law are dead. Theywere hit by a Mexican food truck."Lois gasped, "Oh no. Poor Brianna."Peter put the phone back to his ear where a beeping soundcould be heard, "HeyBri, I know you're going through a rough time right now with your parents being dead and all, but I got another call coming in? SoI'm going to put you onhold."Lois watched in amazement as Peter put his only niece, who was probablycrying, on holdto answer a call that could have probably waited."Hello? Oh hey Quagmire? What? That's horrible? Oh my Godare you okay?" Peter covered the phone and looked at his wife, "They cancelled Quagmire's subscription to Chicks-R-Us. Now he can't watchhis porn for free. There is no God." Peter said darkly.Lois hit Peter and grabbed the phone from him, "For Godsakes Peter! Your brother just diedand you just put your niece on hold when she needs you the most." Lois ended Quagmire's call and returned to her niece. "Brianna? It's your aunt Lois. I'm so sorry tohear about your parents."As his wife's back was turned talking to Brianna, Peter quietly walked out of his house and ran to Quagmire's house. He knocked on his friend's door with tears inhis eyes. When Quagmire opened the door, Peter embraced him with a hug. "It's okay buddy. We'll get through this, don't you worry."The Griffins walked into the church after a three hour drive from Quahog to the cityApollo where Brianna lived. Stewie and Brian looked around the church tosee multiple people crying and walking up to the double coffins where the bodies lay."I can't believe I'm here." Stewie huffed, "I don't even know who this Brianna character is.""She's your cousin Stewie." Brian answered. "And right now she needs us more than ever.""What the hell man? Youdon't even know her." Stewie saidangrily."So," Briancountered, "Death is a serious thing and Brianna just lost both of her parents at the same time. Mind youStewie, there your aunt and uncle."Stewie crossed his arms, "Not anymore there not. There probablyoutside the gates of Heaven fighting withPeter to get in.""You're messed up." Briansaid."Eh, it is what it is."Lois pointed to a young 17-year-oldgirl wearing a black dress talking tosome of her parent's friends from work. Brianna Griffin had short brown hair, a beautiful curvybody, and eyes as black as the night sky. "There's Brianna. God I haven't seen her since her graduation from Brown."Brian's eyes widened, "She graduated from Brown? Youmean Brown University?""No Brian," Stewie said, "I thinktheymean the other Brown inRhode Island. Stupid dog."Brian looked at Brianna and smiled, "Wow. Beautiful andsmart." As the Griffins made their way towards Brianna, Lois explained to Brian that Brianna was a verysmart c***d. She also explainedthat Brianna graduatedcollage at the age of 16.Peter laughed out loud, "Oh yeah, Bri was very smart, and verypretty. Even when they were k**s I remember Meg trying to rip Bri's face off and putting it on her own face.""Peter stop it." Lois snapped as they approachedBrianna. The young girl wipedaway a tear and smiledat her family."Uncle Peter? Aunt Lois?" She hugged them bothtightly."Ohit's so good to see you, sweetheart." Lois said quietly, "I'm sosorryfor your loss. You know were here for you."Peter looked around not paying attention tohis niece, "Yeah, yeah sad to hear about your parents Bri. But the best part is, I finally beat my brother at something." He laughed. "I told you mom I would win one day." He pointed to his mother who was sitting in the front pew.Lois shookher head. Brianna said hello toher cousins, "Hi Chris. It's great tosee you again. You know without your headbeing attached to that fishbowl." She giggledquietly.Chris laughedalong, "We had a great time with that fish bowl."Next, Brianna walked up toMeg andsmiled, "Meg, you're not going totryand rip my face off now, are you?"Meg forced her laugh, "Aw come on, were all behind that now.""You're beautiful Meg. I don't think you need my face." Brianna said.Lois put her arm aroundher niece, "Now there's no need for lying Bri."Stewie was picked up byBrianna and given a kiss on the cheek. "You're getting so big Stewie.""Not as big as Meg I hope." Stewie joked as he took a likening to Brianna. He thought to himself that she was absoulutybeautiful, and that she didn't lookrelatedto the fat man."Bri," Lois said. "This is our dog Brian."Brian extended his arm out tothe girl, "I wish we couldhave met under better circumstances. I am very sorry for your loss."Brianna lookedinto Brian's eyes and smiled, "Thank you Brian. It's very nice tomeet you."The Griffins took their seats in the first pew as the Father came out from the backfollowed by twoyoung altar boys looking scared. The Father looked at the boys as he fixed his collar and whispered angrilyat them, "I expect better from you boys when were done this crap." He then tookhis spot at the podium and beganthe funeral. Brianna held in her tears as she was asked to stepupand talkabout her parents. The entire time she spoke, Brian couldtell that she was looking at the wall at the far back of the Church. He sighed feeling bad for her, and wishing he could goup with her and hold her hand, and tell her that everything was going to be okay.After the funeral, Peter and Lois were called by Brianna's parent's lawyer, to discuss Peter's brother's wishes. Lois andPeter sat down in front of the large deskwhile the lawyer, Mr. Clark, fumbled through some papers and found the paper he was looking for. Mr. Clarkcleared his throat and began to speak."Mr. and Mrs. Griffin, I would first like to apologize at what happened. I am very truly sorry. Second of all, it seems like Diana and Alan, in anycase something had happened to them and that theywere no longer able to care for Brianna that theyleave her in your care."Lois and Peter sat up straight, leaning in towards the Mr. Clark. Peter spoke first, "My brother has all this moneyand all he leaves me is his daughter? Selfish bastard."Lois hit Peter, "Peter hush. Um, Mr. Clark?you see I don't thinkthat we'd be able totake in Brianna. As much as wouldlike for her to live with us, we have three k**s-"Mr. Clarkraised his hand, "It also says here that if you are unavailable tocare for young Brianna, next in line would have to be Peter's mother.""Sold!" Peter slammed the desk."Peter! No," Lois quicklysaid. She never liked Peter's mother and she especiallydidn't approve of her parenting. Lois thought for a minute, she loved Brianna but she alsohad three other c***dren to lookafter. Brianna was almost 18, and it wasn't like she was in school and needed supplies. Lois thought some more, then looked back at Mr. Clark. "Okay, we'll take her in."Mr. Clarknoddedand handeda paper andpen to Peter andLois, "Very well. Sign here and here? Good. Alright Mr. and Mrs. Griffin, Brianna is inyour full custody.""Thank you Mr. Clark." Lois said as she stood up and led Peter tothe door."What the hell was that, Lois?" Peter asked once outside the lawyer's office."Peter, she is our niece. And I am not about to give her up to your mother. That girl needs us and we are going totake her in and finish raising her. Am I understood?""But-""Am I clear?"Peter nodded quicklyand tookout his car keys, "Alright then. Let's go backhome."A/N: So the Griffins have another c***d to takehome.What do you all think about my first attempt at a family Guy story? What do you think about the first chapter? Another chapterwill beposted up soon. Thank you for reading.Please Review/Comment.
04-15-2021, at 10:07 AM

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