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Threesome with the virgin

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Threesome with the virginDonna had got off work later than usual she'd been doing a bit of overtime, so I'd picked her up at 8pm at the store. She came out with a young man, he was Cameron, 18 years old and apparentley still a virgin. they got in the car and on our way home he was quite chatty about his non existant sex life, he'd never been out with a girl ever.He was slim, brown hair around 5'8" and probablt weighed 10 stone. When we got home I made them both a drink and Donna went in the shower as Cameron and I were talking in the lounge. Fifteen minutes later Donna came into the room wearing her sexy night wear, no bra and I knew she'd be wearing white cotton panties underneath.As she sat on the sofa at the side of Cameron, drinking her coffee, he was still chatting away, she said to him "You're not gay are you" he replied that he wasn't, she leaned across him and touching his chin turned his face to face her, then she kissed him. As she put her arm around his neck she kissed him suggestively and soon he was snogging her.I was watching from a few feet away and getting harder as each minute they kissed. Donna started to kiss his neck and he was glued to his seat, I said to him "Feel her tits", as he put his hand on her left tit she sighed. I said "Push her back and kiss her tits", he pushed her into the sofa and was feeling her tits, I came over and lifted up her nightie.As her tits fell out he started to fondle them. "Bend down and lick her nipples" I ordered. Cameron felt her tits and licked her nipples. Looking down I could see a large bulge in his pants. Donna was moaning as her tits were being sucked. Then suddenly he ran his hand down from her tits onto the front of her knickers, as she opened her thighs he rubbed her.She was squirming around in her seat as I said "Cameron, rub the front of her knickers", as he did she moaned all the more. I stood up and got between Donna's thighs, pushing his hand away I said "You do what I do", pulling Donna's knickers to one side I slipped my tongue onto her clit and my finger into her wet pussy, as I licked she was getting close.I stood up and my bulge was plainly visible, Cameron got between her legs and didn't seem to know where to lick her but he did get two fingers inside her. As I watched I knew he wasn't doing it right, as he fingered her I came over and rubbed her clit and then she was coming, moaning and screaming as her climax ripped through her body.As she sat there panting I said to Cameron "Take your fingers out of her" as he did she sat up and said to him "Stand up" as he stood up she unbuttoned his pants and pulled them down, out popped a good 7", Donna immediately licked him up and down as he groaned with pleasure, she pulled him onto the floor and started to give him a real good blowjob.I pulled Donna onto the floor and onto her back, stripping my clothes off myself, my cock was rock hard. I pulled Donna's panties down and he was looking, she said "Cameron get between me and fuck me, he moved round so he was between her and pushed his cock deep in her cunt, as he started to pound her she was moaning.I moved to be next to her and she took my cock into her warm mouth as Cameron fucked her at top speed, as she sucked me I said to Cam "Don't cum inside her" as he was groaning he said he was nearly there, I said "Change places" as he pulled out and I pushed in Donna took his wet cock coated in her juice into her mouth.As she wanked him slowly as I shagged her harder I said "Cam rub her clit", Donna put his finger onto her clit and as he rubbed her I knew she was coming. I pounded her cunt faster and with Cameron rubbing her and she was sucking him it seemed to me as we may all come together. She let go of Cam as her second climax exploded.When she'd recovered she carried on sucking his cock and he said "I'm coming" as she wanked him into her mouth as he started to shoot she wanked him off over her tits, pints and pints of young virgin spunk splashed all over her as he groaned. This sight made me cum, pulling out of her I wanked myself over her box and all my seed landed in her pubes.As we all started to come round Donna went upstairs to change and Cameron thanked me, when Donna came back down he thanked her, she kissed him and said "Now you know what to do go and do it". Fifteen minutes later he said he had to go and when he'd gone I took Donna upstairs and shagged her again, this time I came inside her wet pussy.
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