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The Suck-Off

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The Suck-Off?Let?s have a Suck-Off?, the best man said. We were impatiently waiting for the stripper to arrive at the bachelor party, and the half-dozen or so horny guys were about to burst. ?A suck-off??, I asked. ?Yeah. I bet I can make a guy cum faster than you.? I had never wanted to flaunt it, but I gave amazing head and did take issue with this challenge. I said, ?Name the cock, and I?ll suck it to high heaven?. At this point, the room was getting riled up with sexuality. Four of us threw our hats in the ring to be Suck-ers, we picked our 4 cocks to suck, and then one (James) was our referee. James set the parameters for this competition, ?Only lips on cock. No hands. The Suck-ers could jerk themselves off while sucking, but could not use their hands to jerk off their partner.? We all took our clothes off, while someone watched the door. We lined up in front of our partners; I was partnered with Ron, whom I just met there and who I had hardly spoken to, but we did eye each other a lot throughout the evening, so this seemed to be a nice culmination to our meeting,?and a hot way for us to get to know each other. Ron?s cock was thick but still soft, as were some of the others. James yelled ?Go!? and all four of us started. I wrapped my thick lips around Ron's beautifully meaty cock. Within seconds, I can tell he wasn?t expecting it to feel so good so quick. Back and forth I sucked his cock until it was as hard as iron. I thrust my head back and forth intensely, moaning as I started to taste his salty pre-cum drip down my throat. I stroked my own cock throughout, and soon became aware of everyone around me stroking their meaty cocks and cheering us on. I could see how the other suckers began to sense that they were outmatched by me, as Ron began to moan with elation. I continued to suck his sock, looking up at him, as if to say ?You?re going to cum so fucking good.? One by one, guys behind me were cumming, like cannons. The moans, the slurping, the sounds of stroking were building so intensely? I continued to hug his cock with my thick wanting lips before, ?I?m gonna? cum! I?m gonna? cum?? James, the referee, came around beside us to witness; I titled my head back just a bit, a KABOOM! Ron shot a wave of his sweet love juice down my throat. ?Holy shit, that?s fucking hot!? , James orgasmically moaned? And with that, I began to jerk the rest of him into my mouth, 5, 6, 7, 8 strokes?as I too came all over the floor. Now that was a bachelor party I?ll never forget.
04-15-2021, at 10:07 AM