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The Toilet

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The Toilet

It was nice sunny Saturday morning and my wife and son and I were going to the annual picnic at the company that my wife was working for. We were all looking forward to the outing and seeing some friends there. The ride to the picnic was close to thirty miles and when we were almost there my wife Cheryl asked me to stop at a park just off the road so that she could relieve herself. I parked the car facing the small lake and was enjoying the view when I wondered how she came to find this place. It certainly wasn?t on the main drag and I was concerned that being out in the boonies and so well hidden that something bad could happen to her stopping here. She was sure taking her time. My son was outside the car playing and he seemed to be content just to be outside so I went looking for Cheryl. The toilet was up a dirt path and well hidden behind some brush and when I got there I found a neat little building that looked weathered but still in good condition. The outside was landscaped in such a way that it didn?t appear to be landscaped but it had a very clever design. I could instantly see what had attracted Cheryl to stop here more than once. I went directly in the men?s side and noticed that it was dark with the door closed with only a little light coming through the crack at the top of the door. Before my eyes adjusted to the light I noticed light coming from some holes in the wall that would be the inner wall of the ladies room. I walked directly over to one of the holes and looked through it. On the other side I could see most of the ladies room except for the stall and that was hidden from my view. The ladies side had no outside door and had sky lights in the ceiling right over the stall and sink which made the room bright. I slowly made my way into the men?s stall and there I found three more holes cut at different angles. I looked through the one in the middle and to my amazement I saw Cheryl sitting on the toilet with her legs spread, her shorts and panties down to her ankles and playing with her pussy. My cock felt like it got zapped with a cattle prod., just looking through the first hole when I first came in and thinking about the possibilities was enough to get me aroused but seeing Cheryl rubbing her pussy made me hard as a rock. My mind was racing and my dick had grown to its fattest and I was well aware of its impending explosion. I slowly slid my zipper down and pulled my cock out, it felt like I was going to come right then but I waited and watched and enjoyed the waves of pleasure coming from my throbbing cock as my little sweetie rubbed and fingered her sweet little pussy. She had been at it for a few minutes and was ready to come, I could tell because her beautiful face was flushed, she was breathing a little harder now and her fingers were covered with that maiden juice that I love so much. That thought put me over the edge and my cock shot a thick load that made a splashing noise when it hit the wall, Cheryl moaned and I saw her stomach twitch, the look on her face was the look of pure pleasure and it took more than several seconds for her to get her composure back. I continued to watch as she took out a magic marker and wrote something on the wall. She started to put her clothes back on and I quietly left the building and returned to the car. Our son was sitting quietly watching some boats on the lake and when I got close to him he asked what was taking so long and I told him that his mother found some wild flowers and wanted to take some home but I told her to leave them there because we have enough stuff to mow around now. Cheryl came back to the car and we drove the last five miles to her work in silence. The picnic was a lot of fun for everyone except me because I was completely caught off guard by Cheryl?s behavior and it was killing me to know what had gotten her so horny that she finger fucked herself off in a public toilet and especially one that was designed for men to watch and I was dying to know what she had written on the shit house wall. I had never seen her masturbate in the several years that we had been together and I often wondered about those long hot baths that she liked to take and often dreamed of secretly watching her while she played with her pussy. I was working my brain as fast as I could and I knew that it had something to do with the time that she caught me with that slut Annie. Yeah she caught me red handed so to speak. Annie and I were coming out of a bar hand in hand and Cheryl almost walked right into us. I looked at her and she looked at me gave me a dirty look and just kept walking. Nothing was said at the time and when I got home that night I tried to talk about it and Cheryl just flatly refused to have anything to say about it. The next morning she woke me up at the same time as usual and gave me a good fucking before she went to work. I just figured that she expected me to get my shit together and learn from the over all experience. You know, forgive and forget? Well it appears that I was about to get the lesson of my life for my little indiscretion which really wasn?t so little because I had been cheating on Cheryl for years and with several women.

Our son got invited to stay with his buddy for the night after the picnic which I was grateful for because I wanted to take Cheryl home and fuck her long and deep. I did however notice that Cheryl spent most of the day laughing and joking with the men from her department and only spent a little time with the woman that she works with every day. One man in particular was constantly looking at Cheryl and made it obvious that he was interested in her and hung around her so much that his wife who was real pissed off came over to him and told him in a loud voice that unless Cheryl and I wanted him to come and live with us that he had better take her home right now! The rest of the men hung around Cheryl like a pack of horny dogs after a bitch in heat not even caring that I was there and watching the whole fiasco. It was like they didn?t give a fuck who was there or that their wives were all pissed. The party ended and we headed for the house. I couldn?t wait to get her home and shove my cock deep in that tight little pussy but as we came up on the toilet road again she asked me to stop so that she could relieve herself again. I parked and waited for her to disappear into the brush and then I walked quickly to the men?s room. Again I looked into the ladies room and saw her slip her panties down and take a piss. Then she took out a marker and wrote something on the wall, played with her pussy for a couple of minutes and just stood up and put her clothes back and walked out of the door. I quietly went out of the door and walked around the back of the building and into the ladies room. To my surprise there was a lot of graffiti all over the walls but I was interested in only a certain writing and when I read it I couldn?t believe my eyes. Cheryl had written some of the most filthy stuff that I had seen any where. Stuff like; OH! Mr. Green, I saw you jerk your big cock off, were you thinking about me when you shot that big load? And under that was an answer in green marker; YES! I was thinkin bout sucken yer tits when I went off I want to fuck yer pussy n cum in you real bad. Her color was blue and she wrote, I finger fucked myself here today thinking about how big your cock is and how good it would feel when you fuck your big load up inside of me! And the answer; I know I wanted to watch but someone else was here! Shit! I thought she has been making a regular habit out of coming here and showing off her beautiful little body. Even so much that this guy knows when she will be here and waits for her. I was completely drained when I got home and decided to take a nap. I slept for a couple of hours and Cheryl called me for dinner. I started to ask her about the toilet and she just said don?t ask in a stern voice. After dinner she took me by the hand and went into the bedroom and fucked me like an animal. There was no fore play just flat out boiling hot fucking. The next day Cheryl had stuff to do and had to go get our son so it left me free to do some yard chores and check out the toilet. I worked my ass off getting the chores done so that it would look like I had spent a lot of time on them and then I drove like a demon possessed to the toilet. When I got there I found a couple of cars in the parking area and no one around so I wandered up the path and quietly opened the men?s room door. The sunlight swept throughout the room and revealed a man looking through the wall playing with his very erect cock. He briefly turned and looked at me and motioned for me to come in. I walked over to the wall and looked through a hole and saw what had got the guy all hot and bothered. Perched on the sink was a woman with her legs spread holding another woman?s head to her crotch and guiding her tongue all over her pussy. I watched and answered the call of my own urge to jerk off as these two grown women kissed and worked each other to an orgasm. When the show was over everyone left and I was finally left alone to poke around. My cock was getting sore from all of the action and my nuts felt like they had been hit with a crow bar but what I saw made my prick stand up again. When I was able to hold the door open and see the interior of the mens room it was full of graffiti in different colors just like the ladies room and there was a lot of blue writing and all of it was in Cheryl?s very distinctive hand writing. It was unbelievable, she had apparently been watching other men and women fuck from the men?s room and even fucked several guys there while she watched the show. She had written notes like; Orange, next time bring a rubber if you want to fuck me cause I don?t trust you after I saw you fuck that bitch from shipping. And, Mr. Grey, I hope your happy now that you finally stuck your dong up my ass. And the answer; Yeah I?m smillin. She wrote; ME 2! Fuck! She only let me fuck her cute little ass just once and then she never would give it to me again. Other men had written their requests in different color marker as well. Some addressed to C. Blew and others as well. Several notes requested to know when C. Blew was going to fuck Mr. Green because they wanted to watch. I wanted to know the answer to that question as well. I had always fantasized about watching Cheryl fuck another man and being the arrogant dumb ass that I was I never thought that she would fuck any one but me. She was probably faithful to me until she caught me with that slut, damn it I was paying now.

On the way home I thought about all of the things that I had seen that day and was completely baffled by the fact that the toilet was part of the state park and even though it was clean as a pin and well stocked with paper and soap the walls were covered with really filthy graffiti and it looked like who ever was in charge of taking care of it really encouraged hot fucking sex and voyeurism. I had also discovered some hand and footholds to the roof and different holes into both rooms. There was room for a crowd. Several days passed and one morning Cheryl got up about two hours early, jumped in the shower and dressed. She came over to the bed to kiss me good by and I grabbed her hand and asked her what the hurry was. She said that she had a special project going on and needed to get to work early. As soon as she left the room I jumped out of bed and got a quick shower, dressed, woke our son and told him to be sure to get to school on time and shot out the door hot on her trail. I had a feeling that I knew what the special project was going to be and I didn?t want to miss it. When I got to the park I drove past the parking lot for the toilet and there was Cheryl?s car along with four other cars. I parked my car a little way from the rest out of sight and ran the distance to the toilet. When I opened the door to the men?s room there was three men already there and one of them motioned for me to come in. It was like they were expecting me because the best peep hole was vacant and I had a view of the whole ladies room except for some of the stall. It was then I remembered from one of my previous trips that the mirror above the sink was angled to give a view to the stall. The stall door was open and Cheryl was sitting on the pot playing with her pussy which gave me an instant hard on. She had her pants and panties down to her ankles and was just slowly rubbing her tight folds of skin. I noticed that she had shaved and that her snatch was completely bald. Just seeing that made me want to come but I was determined to wait for the main event which started about two minutes after I walked in the door. A fairly large man appeared in the ladies room door. He was not handsome by any means certainly not the type of man that Cheryl would go for or at least that?s what I thought. He had a pillow in his hand and he placed the pillow on the sink and turned to look at Cheryl and when he did she stood up kicked off her pants and panties and walked over to him and embraced him, she turned her pretty face up to his and started kissing him with passion. She opened her mouth and he licked around the outside of her lips and slid his tongue deep in her mouth. They continued to kiss as he played with her tits through her blouse making her nipples hard and pushing at the material clearly wanting to be released from their cloth prison. She was rubbing the front of his pants and in no time she was rubbing a very large bulge. She unzipped his pants and loosened his belt and button, his pants fell to the floor and there was heavy groan?s in both rooms as his cock stood there thick and erect. His uncircumcised shaft was about seven or eight inches long and as big around as a beer can. When Cheryl slid the skin down to expose the head it was long and fat. He wasn?t much longer than me but damn he was thick. She continued to kiss him while she slowly stroked his cock paying special attention to the head just like she did for me whenever we had sex. He continued to kiss and shove his tongue into her pretty little mouth as he slowly removed Cheryl?s blouse and bent over and sucked her tits all the time she was slowly stroking his very large tool. It was more like she was feeling him up and displaying the size of it to the audience. I wanted to come real bad because I knew how wonderful her soft little hand felt stroking his shaft but I held out as best as I could. My cock was drooling with pre cum and I had everything that I could do to keep from shooting my load. Just then the door slowly opened and when I looked I saw that it was a woman about Cheryl?s size and age. She was dressed in a sun dress and not much else as I could see through her dress the way the sun was shining from behind her. One of the other men motioned for her to come in and she stepped in. She walked over to the wall and whispered ?let me see? so I let her look for a couple of seconds and she rubbed her ass up against my cock. She moaned a sigh and took my shaft in her hand and started to stroke it slowly like Cheryl was doing to Mr. Green in the next room. About ten strokes was all that I could take and my wad flew all over the wall with a splash. My newfound friend bent over and took my still squirting cock into her mouth swallowing the rest of my load and extending the sensation for the longest time. She continued to suck my cock while one of the other men lifted her dress pulled her panties to one side and started fucking her with abandon. It didn?t take long and he unloaded inside of her with a very loud grown. Mr. Green lifted Cheryl up and sat her on the pillow that he had placed on the sink counter. I could see what had attracted Cheryl to this man because he was built like a work horse. He stood about six foot and was very muscular. Cheryl had one hand around his neck and still had his rod in her other hand as he stood in front of her she lifted her legs and guided his knob to her slit but just before he could enter her she moved his shaft and started to masturbate her pussy with the tip of his cock. She slowly moved it past her wet little pussy and down to her ass and back again teasing him and the rest of the audience. His cock was drooling massive amounts of pre cum now and the mixture of her own juices with his had made her crotch wet and slippery. She moved the tip of his shaft to her ass hole and he pushed it hard enough for just the end of it to enter her. She moaned NO! into his mouth and shook her head but he kept fucking the tip of his fat cock into her tight little asshole until the tip disappeared. He stayed like that for a minute and then pulled it out ever so slightly and fucked it back up into her never going past the tip This sight plus the soft sucking of my cock was enough to put more than me over the edge because I could hear moans and groans coming from all over the building. I emptied my load into that hot little mouth and she swallowed every drop. My cock was still hard and she kept right on sucking it without missing a lick. The pain and pleasure of that big cock head fucking her hole was too much for Cheryl to handle and her body jerked from the orgasm that produced a flow of clear liquid from her pussy lips. She screamed into Mr. Greens mouth as her body rocked to keep the sensation going. Mr. Green drove his fuck pole even deeper into Cheryl?s ass and this time she was screaming YES! YES! Into his mouth. He continued to kiss her and her chin was now getting quite red from whisker burn. She moved his cock from her ass and started it?s fat head up her oozing little pussy, this time Mr. Green didn?t hold back he fucked that monster up into her in about five short strokes. She was amazing as she continued to hold her legs up so that he could have complete access to her pussy. When he was all the way into her he fucked her deep and pulled out just enough for his balls to slap her ass hole on every stroke. He kept fucking her like that for several minutes then he pulled out and told her to bend over and she obliged him by putting her upper body on the pillow and arching that sweet little snatch up to receive his fat cock doggie style. Her pussy was red from the workout that it already received and I could tell that she was about to come again just from the look on her face. Mr. Green guided the head of his fuck rod into that red swollen pussy and I could just imagine how hot and tight it was for him. He worked his tool in and out to its full length for about twenty minutes then he pulled her ass cheek open with one hand and said ?hold your cunt open? in a hoarse voice. She reached back with both hands and held her pussy open as he held his cock about three inches away from her now gaping red hole. He stroked it several times and shot stream after stream of heavy white cum filling her open snatch to overflowing. Some of it missed and went all over her ass and back. He was still spurting when he shoved his cock back into Cheryl making cum squirt back around his shaft covering his pubic hair and balls dripping down his and her legs and pooling up on the floor. The hot slippery cock that was hammering into Cheryl?s horny little cunt was too much for her to take and she looked right at me when she went off and she hollered FUCK ME! FUCK ME! OOHHH! FUCK ME! as she jerked and ground her little ass into Mr. Green. I shot my last and final load into that most willing mouth and then went limp. Mr. Green was spent as well. I watched as he helped Cheryl stand and he gave her one last deep kiss. He put his clothes back on, walked out the door and I never saw him again. Next time, Cheryl tells her story.
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