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Sex teacher part on chapter 6

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Sex teacher part one


Christine may have been the Woman who had took my cherry and made me a man But the next young lady that we going meet along our sexual Journey hold a very special place in my heart for various reasons that we will get into along the way. I respectfully refer to her as my sex teacher for from our one sexual encounter that we had I learned many valuable lessons in what it takes to please a woman and experienced many things with her for the very first time and had I just asked her .She would?ve been the one that I had lose my virginity to if I only known all I would had to is ask!

My Sex Teacher name was Stephanie, and We also when to school together at the same School that Christine and I when to RCCC. Now let me see here if I can describe Stephanie to you. At this point in her life she was an 16 year old caucasian bisexual female who at least to me she was a smoking hottie. Who stood about 5?4 or maybe 5?5 maybe shorter well with me being 5?8 that would be categorizes her being short. Stephanie weighted somewhere if I had to guess maybe between 140-150 pounds.with her height she was a little chunky.But all in right area of her body that is. She had ass on her damn usually when I used see her walking down hall way at school I would run up and give it pop with my hand I just love how it jiggled .let tell you I think some of that weight was in her breast as well Because she had huge set on her 30DD by bigger.

She always had her bleached blonde hair cut short And I just loved how the sun light seem glistened off her lite blue eyes kind reminded me of Diana eyes only a little dark color blue. I would never had known she had like me unless my Now late sister Vicki wouldn?t have told me one day.

Stephanie and I really never date to say, our relationship was more of a friends with benefits since still at this time I was still engaged to Jackie. unlike Christine and I who had phone sex on Constant bace. Stephanie and I had a slight sexual relationship but not has much as Christiane and I did but unlike Christine we didn?t have hide our relationship from Jackie. Stephanie and I was for most part out in open with Jackie. To this day every time I bring up Stephanie name when my wife Ashley and I are around Jackie visiting her our God son. Out all girls that were my friend Jackie say ? she hated Stephanie the most? that could be the fact Stephanie and I when on what we called them just as friends dates

Twice I took Stephanie out to the movie and both time I want to make out with Stephanie so fucking bad but with me trying to show her good time and knowing her pass with guys trying taking advantage of her willingness to do about anything. Some guy in her pass had abused that privilege and that way she was bisexual now and Stephanie said ? Men didn?t know how please an woman as another woman would.?

On our second movie date I was dying to make out with her she was dress up very nice. She was showing a little more cleavage with shirt she had on and those tight ass Jean she had on that night had me most of the movie adjusting myself trying not let her known I want to mess around an little. If she only knew what I was wanting do her and have her do to me. We would most likely have gotten kicked out of theater. So I keep fighting the Urges. Sitting there with her in darken theater only made those desires worse. I hadn?t had sex in months and now sexual frustration was setting in and at time it started to like Jackie and I would never get to make love. She had me on lockdown when cams phone sex for months after the Christine incident. I guess I could be luck that all she did and I was damn luck she didn?t dump my sorry cheating ass.

It was only after we got outside of movies Theater and was on standing around back of the theater so she could smoke an cigarettes without the police catching her. It was just about this time as she lighting up a cigarette when I guess she finally caught on to me acting strange and she walked up to me ask me ? Scott I have noticed this whole night you have been acting strange like you were wanting do something with me while in the movie theater but you keep fighting it ( walking over resting her head on my chest ) please tell me what wrong ( given me that sad puppy look) is something I did wrong ?? As took drag off her cigarette and I took one of my as well ?well Stephanie if you want the truth? I said as smoke my cigarette ? you can tell me anything and promise I won?t be mad please tell me damn it? she said

I took few more drag off my cigarette and blow the smoke out of my mouth and then I said ? well damn it here go nothing ( take another deep drag from my cigarette) Stephanie the whole time we in the theater I want to....? I said but cut me off in middle sentence ??what did want to do Scott? kiss me? ... put your hand down my pant finger my pussy ??she ask as move closer in towards my body .I know I couldn?t hide my true wants and desires from her anymore so I took deep drag off my cigarette and blow smoke into air above us ?I been wanting to do that and more last time and this time Stephanie but i didn?t want to make you think that all i was doing taking you out for an change to make out with you knowing your pass with men Stephanie and what you had told me I fought those desires hoping that if i show you I was gentle man just maybe you make first move?said looking at ground . She just look at me for few minutes with puzzles look on her face . This that look was replaced by a big smile as she took ahold of hand an look at me

She look at me and say ? Scott your not anything like those asshole you been total gentleman in fact and all you would have done is ask. I been wanting do this for while .? I look at her and said ? do what Stephanie ?This? She reply as lean in toward me and our lips contact and tongue drove deep into each other mouth. She grab my hand slide down into her pant with i thought was tight against her body were rather loose and into her panties she said ? finger my pussy feed your finger to it? so I did damn she was tight but i managed to get a finger into her love canal it didn?t take long at all for her have an Thunderous orgasm then she undid my belt and my zipper to my pants and slide her hand down in boxer and grabbed ahold of my dick started to move her hand up and down and all along my pant stay up our lips locked once more and she jack me off for good five min before I told her I was about blow. She told go ahead blow she would lick all streamy cum from her hands . My breath deep and started to thrust my hip as I myself near my Climax then without my seed rush though my full length of dick and erupted into her hand and some of got on her ? Oh shit I?m sorry Stephanie about getting it all over you? I said to her ? don?t be sorry I?m pretty sure we would have done more in side and this would be shoot in my mouth? she said with smile lick her hand clean of my sweet tasting cum
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