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Treat from Girlfriend (Holiday at Goa)

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Treat from Girlfriend (Holiday at Goa)Hi guys, Rahul is back. Those who have read my earlier story ?Fun in the Karnataka express? know me and my gf Priya. Those who haven?t read it, I am Rahul Shetty (name changed) an IIT Delhi student and my gf Priya Rao (name changed) who worked in a MNC in Delhi for 7 months but now works with a reputed 5 star hotel in New Delhi. We both are from Bangalore but live in Delhi due to studies and job respectively.Now, I am 22 years old while she is 25. For those who don?t know, I am 6ft tall, fair and I have an average body while my gf is 5?7¨ ft tall, fair, has medium sized boobs (34D) and a perfect body shape (neither too thin nor too fat). I am slightly shy while my gf is bold and straightforward. Sorry I forgot to give my email Id in my last story. My email id is: . Please give me feedback about this story as well as last story on this email id.I lived in the IIT Delhi hostel while she lives alone in her flat in New Delhi. Even though we stayed in the same city, we both were very busy. She was busy in her job and I was busy as it was my 4th (final) year of BTech. We had enjoyed a quality sex-life during my 3rd year. But now, we didn?t get time to meet each other regularly. So, we used to meet at coffee shops or some good restaurants occasionally.On Sundays, I used to spend some hours with her in her flat where we used to kiss, romance or just engage in private talks. I got a good job in a reputed MNC during the campus interviews. They gave me the option to select in which city I would like to work. The options were Gurgaon(near Delhi), Bangalore, Mumbai and Pune. I lied at my home that I didn?t get a job at Bangalore and selected Gurgaon. Obviously, I had selected Gurgaon to remain close to Priya.My convocation was in mid-August. My family had arrived there a day before. All of them were feeling proud of me. I sent a photo of mine holding the degree to Priya on WhatsApp. She congratulated me and sent me kisses on WhatsApp and wrote ?Proud of you Dear ?. I replied with ?I love you?. I celebrated this occasion with my parents with a dinner at the 5 star hotel in which she worked .She greeted me and my parents (as a hotel staff) and told them not to hesitate to ask her if they needed anything. They liked the way they were treated royally by Priya and were impressed by her decency and the way she spoke. Luckily they had no idea that this ?decent? girl had been fucked by me. I texted her to meet me after midnight at the 24 hr coffee shop and booked two rooms (one for me and other for my parents) in that hotel.She met me at the coffee shop and kissed my on my cheeks saying ?Congratulations Dear. I will also give you a treat?. I said ?Thank You? in a sad tone. She asked me, ?Why are you sad?? I said, ?I am going to Bangalore tomorrow for two months. My job starts in mid-October after Diwali. I don?t know how would I stay without you so many days.? She was shocked to hear this but then she instructed me to tell my parents that my job starts a few days before Diwali, till then she will plan something. I did as she said.The next two months were boring and were spent in going to different relative?s houses and also going for a pilgrimage with my parents. I am not at all religious but this time I could not say ?I don?t have time?. I chatted with Priya regularly and called atleast twice a day and sometimes we both were sending our nude snaps to each other on Snapchat.A week before Diwali, Priya gave me a surprise. She called me and said, ?Darling, I have booked a holiday for us in Goa for 2 nights in a 5 star beach resort which belong to the same hotel chain in which I work. This is our first holiday together so I want it to be special and memorable. You know what I mean .? She sent some images of that resort. I became mad with joy.She had once told me that she would give me a treat but this was amazing. She said she would come to Goa that day(3 days before Diwali) by the early morning flight from Delhi after her meeting since she had a meeting late night in the hotel (which could extend till 4 am) to discuss plans for the hotel during the Diwali vacation bingöl escort (as it?s the season). The flights from Bangalore to Goa were expensive as it was October (the start of the tourism season of Goa ie. Oct- Dec).So, I started looking for other options. I booked an AC semi sleeper Volvo of VRL travels which departs from Bangalore at 9:30 pm and reaches Goa at 9 am. I packed my bag for Goa. I explained to my parents that I will return in a few days for celebrating Diwali so taking clothes only for a few days. All was set for a holiday which I won?t ever forget.The bus reached Goa at 10:30 am. She had been waiting for me since 8. She gave me a tight hug the moment I got down from the bus. I was very happy to see her after so many days. She was wearing a pink sari. How sexy she looked! I was seeing her in sari for the first time. I said ?Looking very hot dear? to which she gave a naughty smile and said,?You too darling.? I laughed as I was wearing an old T-shirt (which I generally wear at night) and a half pant. I changed my clothes at the toilet of the bus stop. I wore a suit and tie as we were going to a 5 star hotel. We were given a warm welcome in the hotel. It was a beautiful beach resort in south Goa. The check in was quick.Our room was so big and beautiful! I couldn?t take my eyes of it. It was a private cottage. The bathroom was also very big with a bathtub and separate shower area. Since she was working with the same chain of hotels, she had ensured that we get one of the best rooms in the hotel at the least possible price. We both hadn?t slept well last night and were feeling very sleepy.We freshened up and changed clothes to have a comfortable sleep. She was wearing only bra and boxers while I was wearing only a jockey. We were very tired. We kissed each other on the lips for sometime and then said ?Goodnight? (although it was afternoon) and went to sleep in each others arms.We woke up at 4 pm. We both then wore t-shirts and half-pants and decided to take a walk around the resort. It was beautiful. A huge garden, a large swimming pool and an entrance to a lonely beach. I noticed that Indians were rarely seen. Most of the people were foreigners. She said that October is the start of season for foreign tourists. Most of them come from European countries and Russia. Indians also come but after Diwali. As we didn?t had lunch in the afternoon, we went to the restaurant near the reception. The food was excellent. After food, we had a coffee in the coffee shop.After that at 6 pm, we decided to spend some time in the swimming pool. Other than us, there were only 4 foreign women who engaged in talking with each other while their c***dren played in the baby pool on the other side of the adult pool. I was wearing my swimming trunk while she was wearing a blue bikini (like those worn by kingfisher models). Its rare for an Indian adult woman to wear a bikini even in a swimming pool but Priya was not at all shy. The swimming pool was 5?5¨ ft deep.We both were hugging each other in the swimming pool as well as splashing water on each other. There was a bar on the poolside but as we both were non-drinkers, we shared a coke which was also available in the bar. It was like we were having a party in the pool. I was occasionally touching her wet boobs inside her wet bra (while checking that no one sees it) and she loved it. My dick was erected in my swimming trunk and it was touching her naval. That feeling raised the excitement in her and she gave me a kiss on my cheeks. Even she was occasionally putting her hand inside my swimming trunk. We enjoyed in the pool till 8:15 pm when it was the closing time of the pool.We were feeling cold but were feeling hungry also so we wore t-shirt and pant over our wet clothes and had dinner. After that we went back to our cottage. I told her, ?Darling, you must be feeling cold. You have a bath first.? She replied( in a naughty tone),?Dear,do you expect your gf to take bath alone when you are on a holiday with her.? I was already horny and this statement increased my excitement.She pulled down my pant and my swimming trunk in one stroke exposing bitlis escort my hard erected cock which she was rubbing with her hands giving me this pleasure after many weeks. I removed my T-shirt and asked her to raise her hands. She obliged and I removed her T-shirt and unhooked her blue bra. OMG!! I finally got to see these melons after a long time. I began pressing them to which she responded by moaning softly Ahhhh?Ahhh?press harder??.Meanwhile, I pulled down her panty and we both were fully naked. We had a French kiss for about 15 minutes. Then we both jumped into the bathtub (literally). The warm water was feeling great after more than 2 hrs at the swimming pool. I continued pressing her wet boobs in the bathtub to which she responded by her sweet moaning. After that, she told me to lie in the bathtub. The bathtub was big enough for me.I lied down in the bathtub with my erect cock pointing upwards. She then sat on me and put my cock in her vagina started moving up and down. What a feeling! I was getting a superb dick massage while she was enjoying and moaning loudly Ahhhhhhh??Ahhhhhhh??.Ahhhhhhh??.Ahhhhhhh???? as no one would hear her. As she takes contraceptive pills, there was no need to worry about pregnancy. We continued this for more than 40 minutes.fter that, she put my cock in her mouth and stated giving me oral. Yummy!!! She said after putting my cock in her mouth. We last had oral sex much before my convocation so I knew how long she had to wait for this moment. After some time, I told her to lie on the bathroom floor and started to lick her pussey and ass and drank all her vaginal juices when she cummed. Then I lied on her on we had a long kiss before we realised it was 11:30 and thought it was enough for the day. We both wiped ourselves with a towel and then we both slept naked in each others arms after a Goodnight kissI woke up at 8 am. I woke her up by planting a kiss on both her boobs. We had slept the entire night naked. We quickly had a shower together and then went for breakfast. We had planned to go for a long drive and today was the perfect opportunity. We hired a car for self drive for Rs. 1500 petrol charges. I was driving the car. It was first time we were going on a long drive as in Delhi, we always travel by metro or bus.She was wearing a purple shirt and a matching skirt while I was wearing a sleeveless t-shirt and a 3/4th pant. We were enjoying the journey and were engaged in romantic talks throughout the journey. We visited several places like Aguada fort, Candolim beach, Calangute, etc. in North Goa. Our long drive journey was memorable with the greenary around the road. We returned to our resort at 4 pm.After that we decided to go to the beach (at 4:30 pm). There was an entrance to the beach from the hotel itself. Since the hotel was far away from the main beach, no one except those who stayed in this hotel came to this part of the beach. There was a shoe rack at the entrance and also a small room for keeping towels, mobiles, watches, etc. When we reached the entrance, she removed her shirt and skirt!She was now just in a white bra and panty. I was shocked. Before I could say something, she said, ?Darling, Goa is one of the few places in India where bikini is allowed on the beach. No one recognises us here. Why shy, let?s enjoy.? Generally foreigners wear bikini in Goa. I was a very shy person while Priya was very bold. I removed my T-shirt and pant and was now only in my jockey. I was feeling shy to go like this on a beach but my bold angel Priya made me comfortable.She took 3-4 selfies with we hugging each other and in one selfie, me kissing her on her cheeks.After that, we played and enjoyed a lot in the sea. She would stand in front of me in the sea and when the waves would come, she would purposely fall on me. We also enjoyed splashing water on ourselves and each other. We played our hearts out in the sea. It was my most memorable day on the beach.We played for more than 3hrs. We were relaxing and watching the sunset together with me sitting on the beach and she sitting on my lap. How romantic it was! After that, we played for some more çanakkale escort time in the sea water. It was past 7:30pm when we decided to stop. We very fully wet and dirty with sand with minimum clothes. We wore our clothes and went to our room still very wet and dirty but nothing was better than seeing the happiness on each other?s face.We were eagerly waiting for the bath. We immidietly removed our wet and dirty clothes and became fully naked. I pulled her towards the shower area. We enjoyed the shower in each others arms. Most of the sand on our body was gone. She then took a soap and stated applying it on my body. What a feeling when your gf applies soap on your every body part including your dick and ass! Next was my turn.I started to apply soap on her wet boobs, pussey, ass and also her cheeks. We both were feeling horny. After that, we both sat in the bathtub. I was pressing her boobs harder and harder to which she responded by moaning louder and louder, Ahhhhhh??Ahhhhhhh???Harder???..once morr????. Ahhhhhh?..Ahhhhh. I stated licking those boobs and erect nipples which we both were enjoying a lot. After that, she told me to lie on the bathroom floor and she lied upside down on me with her head facing towards my legs. Like we did two years ago, we were enjoying ?Double Pleasure? with she giving me blowjob, at the same time, me licking her shaved pussey (she always keeps it shaved as I like it).We were enjoying until 9:30 pm when there was a knock on the door. I told her to wait inside the bathroom and I quickly wrapped a towel around me and opened the door. It was the room service guy who had brought dinner for us. We wiped ourselves and I was just wrapped in a towel while she wore her bra and panty. I felt so good when she feed the food to me with her hands. We both were feeding each other while listening to romantic songs.After that we sat on the bed and wanted to watch a movie. I had some porn collection in my laptop as well as in my mobile. I showed her some porn. It was the same porn movie which we had watched together when we met for the first time. We both had tears in our eyes while remembering the day when we lost our virginity. We had grown mature since then. I said, ?I am feeling funny to cry while watching porn.? We both laughed on this. After that, I showed her some more porn videos. We both became horny. Suddenly, she pushed me on the bed and herself fell on me.I knew what she wanted. She immidietly gave me a French kiss for over 15 minutes. Then she got up and pulled away my towel. My dick was fully erected and hard as a rock. She took it in her mouth and was sucking it like a c***d sucking a kulfi. I cannot describe how much I enjoyed.After some time, I told her to lie on the bed and immidietly jumped on her. I unhooked her bra and pulled down her panty. I was about to cum. She was ready and I inserted my dick in her vagina and was vigorously moving it up and down. She was moaning loudly Ahhhhhhh??? Ahhhhhh????. Ahhhhhhhhb???.Faster???Hearing this, I started to move my dick faster in and out which she responded with a louder moan. Ahhhhh???Ahhhhhh???..cumon????..Do it????Ahhhhhhhh. I was doing this till I got tired. I was lying on the top of her. We also imitated some sex positions shown in the porn videos. After sometime, I started to suck her boobs and erect nipples which she was enjoying and moaning softly. We continued with alternate sessions of oral sex and pussey fucking the whole night. We were kissing each other like mad on whatever body part we could think of. Finally at 4:30 am, we were exhausted and slept naked beside each with my hands still on her boobs.We woke up at 9:30 am. We knew our fun was over. We wore our new clothes (sari and suit respectively) and had breakfast. She had already booked our flight tickets to Bangalore since she was also going to celebrate Diwali with her family. We just talked casually in the flight, not even a word about the last two days but our faces were revealing how much fun we had. We wished each other ?Happy Diwali? before leaving the airport. Wow! What a treat it was!Now I am working in Gurgaon and Priya is in New Delhi. We meet and spend time with each other only on weekends as we are both busy and enjoying our jobs. We are active in our sex life as it helps us to reduce stress. So we have sex many times in a year. You can give feedback at my email id: . Thank you for reading.
10-10-2021, at 12:24 AM

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